Next Step - Prezi Presentations!

posted Nov 9, 2014, 5:40 PM by Angie Garrison   [ updated Nov 11, 2014, 8:19 AM ]
This week, we have a CFA on Monday, November 10.

Next, we will spend Tuesday and Wednesday working on short, simple presentations based on our research papers.  For this, we will create a Prezi:
1.  Watch the Getting Started video with the class.
2.  Go to and sign up for a new account, using the same Gmail account.  
3.  Click New Prezi, choose a template, and get started!
4.  Use the Learn and Support tab as you go to answer questions.

Requirements for Prezi presentation:
 - Title Slide (describes  your topic)
 - Thesis Statement slide
 - At least three slides for your main points/reasons, including three illustrations/photos.  For      illustrations/photo, include a link to the original source.
 - Sophomores, at least one slide for your counterclaim
 - Conclusion slide 

Prezi points possible: 
40 points for freshmen, 45 for sophomores
(based on accuracy of slides, 5 points each, and crediting source of images, 10 points)

Thursday, we will conduct peer reviews and presentation practices.

As a part of your presentation grade, you will be required to present your Prezi to the class.
This is worth 30 points, and it is based on organization, explanation, and proper information shared.  It's my hope that we can complete the class presentations on Friday and Monday.

Total points for Prezi project: 
Freshmen:  70
Sophomores:  75