Research Steps

posted Oct 27, 2014, 7:07 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 27, 2014, 9:29 AM ]
Here, I'll be adding the steps of our research.  If you miss a day, please check here.  We'll use Google Docs for most of this assignment.  When each item is due, you can turn it in by sharing it with  When sharing it with me, please select the "Can Comment" option.

*Remember, if you are using a student Gmail account, it's the first letter of your first name + your last name*

1.  Choose a topic.  After Monday 10/27, there will be no topic changes.
2.  Research Project Planning sheet due Monday, 10/27.
3.  Research notes are due Tuesday, 10/28, by the end of the hour.  Create a Google Doc, entitled Research Notes, to keep track of potential sources and notes.  You are required to have at least three sources and 15 notes.  **Be sure to put quotation marks around anything that you didn't paraphrase or summarize!**  After this document is finished, turn it in by sharing with me at  Please choose the "Can Comment" option.
4.  Sources are due Wednesday, 10/29, at the end of the hour.  To turn in your sources, create a "working" Works Cited page.  Using, copy and paste each source into a new Google Doc, titled Works Cited.  You will need to double-check this document at the end of your project and delete any citations that are not used.  Turn in this document by sharing with  Please choose the "Can Comment" option.
5.  Thesis Statement and Outline are due Friday, 10/31, at the end of the hour.  Using the handouts as a guide, craft a thesis statement and outline.
6.  Rough drafts are due Tuesday, 11/4, at the beginning of the hour.   Print it out for peer edits and share it with
7.  Peer edit and revisions are due Wednesday, 11/5 at the end of the hour.  Complete revisions in the rough draft document that was already shared with me.
8.  Final drafts are due Thursday, 11/6.  Print final draft and Works Cited page to turn in.